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Looking for a way to energize your workforce, stimulate fresh thinking or unlock closed minds?

Speak with our experienced team building consultant to design a specific program that will achieve your outcomes. Your team will be engaged, reawakened, and will change the way they view each other. With over 20 years of experience in corporate team building we will meet with you and create the experience that will motivate and inspire your team. Our staff offers all levels of service for your group. We can come to your site, meet you at one of our sites or work with you to find the perfect lodging partner to plan your team building retreat.

Team building is fun and can be the key to learning. Your company can easily learn to work together more effectively by learning to play together with our team building events.

Get Out & Play Outfitters offers team building seminars that are a combination of new ideas, innovative events, indoor or outdoor exercises, games, challenges, and puzzles. We will work with you to customize activities that are based on specific learning objectives for your group. Whether you have the time for a break between meetings, half a day, or multiple day sessions we will be happy to customize the unique program to meet your specific needs.

Our range of corporate team building events and activities are suitable for groups of any size. We are fully mobile and are able to provide team building activities and corporate events for your company.

Corporate Team Building

The Team Building Challenges and the structure of Team Adventures for a corporate team building day are designed to help bond your team and build a team vision to take back into the workplace while having fun. The benefits can be big, too.

  • Increase communication
  • Learn new strengths and gain insights within the team.
  • Inclusion – the more inclusive, the greater the number of talents within the team.
  • Building Trust and Respect – create a safe environment and the organization will grow stronger.
  • Having fun together outside of the workplace, your staff will feel valued, rewarded and more cohesive.


Team Building Games and Ice Breakers

Our team building games are designed as metaphors for business issues. These games are designed to truly challenge team members. Teams may not always be successful the first time they attempt the activity. In the real working world teams must overcome many challenges, also. They will need to determine “where they are” in the plan and “where they want be”. Nothing is more satisfying then the “group grin” that always appears when they achieve the team goal! Our facilitators will have a debriefing following each activity helping the team apply the outcomes to the workplace.

Spider’s Web – Group Juggling – Nuclear Waste – Corporate Merger – Managing the Octopus – Pipeline – Alligator Crossing – Shaping the Organization – Take One – Trolleys – Blindfolded Maze – Raft Building – Supporting the Leader – Zoom – Catapult

Customized programs that will meet your specific time requirements are available upon request.

Cost: $85.00 per person Suggested Length of Activity: 1 – 2 hours

Team Building Challenges

Team Building Challenges are to allow participants to engage in some friendly competition while learning how to best use the skills, abilities and talents of the members on their team. The bottom line is these are motivating, challenging and fun events that will give your staff something to talk about for many years to come.


Groups can be divided into teams and then move through a challenging series of outdoor activities that reflect both physical and analytical challenges. Teams will need to choose different representatives to compete in a variety of events. Points will be tallied to find the winning team.

Cost: $90.00 per person Suggested Length of Activity: 2 hours

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Survivor Challenge

Survivor (640x480)

The Great Race

“On your mark, get set, GO!” and the race begins. Teams will get Clues and Route Information to move them through town. There will be Detours and Road Blocks for them to participate in. Of course their goal will be to “Check In” at the Pit Stop. This event is uniquely designed for each group based upon the number of racers, budget and time available.

Price: $90.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 90 minutes – 3 hours

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Photo Scavenger Hunt

Not only will teams have to solve riddles and rhymes to find their clues but they will need to find someone to take their picture at several locations along the way. Acquiring this combination of collected items and team photos keeps teams moving throughout this event.

Price: $35.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 90 minutes – 2 hours

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Urban Scavenger Hunt

Teams will race throughout town collecting the needed items or information in order to win this event. The team that returns with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time will be the winning team. Our scavenger hunts can be run at any time of year. Short timelines? No problem – we can arrange your scavenger hunt on very short notice and with little time and effort required by you.

Price: 50.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 1-2 hours

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High–Tech Treasure Hunting

For those of you looking for a high-tech adventure teambuilding challenge, this is the ultimate treasure hunt. Learn the basics of using a handheld GPS unit get your coordinates and head out with your team. This can be done in the park by foot or expanded so that teams will drive through the Cumberland area while searching for their caches. If you are looking to build valuable skills that every business team can use, then this is what you’re looking for. Leadership, decision making and planning are all part of this unique adventure.

Price: $90.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 90 minutes – 2 hours

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Build a Catapult

Groups will need to plan, design and construct a working catapult that will hurl a predetermined object a desired distance. Materials will be provided and no other materials may be used. This activity is extremely popular with our participants because it allows them the ability to be creative, engaged and even a bit competitive.

Price: $65.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 1 hour

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Build a Boat

Using only the supplies provided teams must plan, design and build a boat. The boat will then need to be Captained by one of the team members. The Captain will then need to navigate the boat through a predesigned course. Awards will be given for the boat that best meets certain criteria.

Price: $90.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 90 minutes – 2 hours

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Laser Tag

Strategy development, strong communication, and trust in your teammates are all part of this exciting teambuilding event. Teams will use high tech laser tag guns to compete. Teams can be divided and compete against each other or we can design a scenario for your group that allows you to stay together as a team while you rescue the president. No paint, no pain but plenty of fun! Easy to do in a large conference room.

Price: $1,000.00 up to 10 participants $70.00 each additional Suggested Length of time: 60 – 90 minutes Maximum of 24 people

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Take One

Each group must create a commercial for your facility that will highlight what they think is the most marketable feature. Once they have brainstormed out the commercial they will need to present the commercial to the other groups. Votes will be taken from all groups to determine the winning commercial. What a way to show off your creative talents!

Price: $65.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 60 – 90 minutes

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One Minute – You Win It

This is a fast-paced event that will have your teams laughing, cheering and competing to become the One Minute-You Win It Champion. This crazy competitive event is a perfect fit to corporate events or as a stand-alone team building activity. Teams will compete in 10 increasingly difficult group activities using everyday household items. The program begins with each team at a “station” with all of the game materials necessary to compete. After a fun demonstration and practice session, each challenge is played in 60 seconds and points are awarded accordingly. Our unique scoring system keeps the energy flowing and the teams in the thick of the competition throughout the event.

Price: $65.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 60 – 90 minutes

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These puzzles are designed to be solved by a group of people. Team members are challenged to assemble these unique puzzles as a team. Edges “match” when you can find a connection that links two puzzle pieces together. You will need to find the relationships between the puzzle pieces. This is a great activity to highlight the individual thinking styles that each team member has and just how valuable that makes them to your team.

Price: $500.00 up to 35 participants Suggested Length of time: 30 minutes

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Shaping the Organization

Blindfolded team members attempt to create a precise shape with a circle of rope they are holding. Members must make a perfect square with the rope. Are you blind to other’s vision?

Price: $65.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 2 hours

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Spider’s Web

An activity that requires teams to work on problem solving, leadership, communication and teamwork. This is an up and over activity that allows the teams to be creative in their approach to beating the challenge. This is a life size spider’s web that each member of the team must pass through to be successful at this challenge.

Price: $60.00 per person Suggested Length of time: 90 minutes

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